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C of E Primary School

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One more week to go....

Hello everyone,

This week has been another great week with the children trying hard with their behaviour and learning, despite the apparent excitement of Christmas coming.

Maths this week has been a new topic of shape, the children have enjoyed this so far, especially as this is different to the number style Maths that we have been focusing on since the beginning of year 1. They have been looking at 2D shapes, with them trying to name different ones and starting to identify the different properties of the shapes for example the number of sides.

English this week has also been a change, with the children looking at poetry in particular the poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas’. The children have loved the work this week, especially as it has been Christmas themed. In particular, they have been working on rhyming words; they have come up with lots of interesting ideas and have enjoyed trying to find words, which do in fact rhyme. See if they can tell you any?

The afternoons have been a new topic based on RE with the children looking at Christianity in particular this week we have been thinking about how God shows his love to us. The children shared some lovely ideas and there were some great discussions. We will continue this next week, which will be quite fitting with the lead up to Christmas.

If the children can please make sure they have their reading books with them in school every day that would be helpful, then this way we can listen to them read more often.

In addition, if any more children have Christmas cards to give out, can we please ask for those to be in school early next week, so they can be left before handing them out to all the children.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

From the Year 1 team