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What a good week...

Hello everyone, 

We have had a great week this week with lots of hard work happening! The children have continued to work on their manners and showing signs of respect. 

Maths this week has been focusing on an area where they have struggled previously which is missing number problems within addition and subtraction. These can be tricky and the children have shown great perseverance in working through this area of maths. We have also looked into when the equals sign moves to the front or the middle of a calculation, which has pushed the children to really think and work carefully, so a big well done! We will continue this within our mental/arithmetic maths for the next few weeks to make sure they are more secure. 

English this week has been continued on from last weeks, with the children looking at 'The Queen's Hat'. The children have been coming up with some fantastic ideas, and we have had lots of fun discussing different thoughts. The children have been able to come up with some great sentences showing their understanding of verbs, similes and adjectives. 

The afternoons have been rather busy as always with lots of different learning including RE, RSHE and reading. RSHE has been focused on friendships this week and how we can solve issues, the children had some great discussions on this. 

A new whole school incentive has begun this week, which is called 'Superstar readers', where the children are asked to read a minimum of 5 times a week, if they do, they get a paper chain to go up around the school, this is to celebrate reading! So if we could please ask you to read with your child and hear your child read as much as possible, this would build up our chains plus it is just a key factor to their development. So thank you to those that are already completing this. 

If we could please ask for any homework books that have not been handed back in yet, to be handed in early next week, as we are wanting to send out homework from next week. 

Miss Randell will be starting a new after-school club Thursday, which will be running every Thursday for 5 weeks until half-term. This will be based on the STEM sessions (Science, technology, engineering and maths), where the children will be making models and testing out different materials including lego. A letter did go out tonight, if your child would like to take part please email Miss Randell before Thursday to confirm a place (as there are only 10 places available). 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 

From the Year 1 team