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A busy week had by all... 

Hello everyone, 

So it has been another busy week for the children, but they seemed to have enjoyed it. We have completed lots of different activities throughout the week. 

Maths this week has been focusing on missing numbers within calculations so for example _ + 3 = 11. The children have been trying hard to think about how to work these questions out. This area is tricky for them, but it is key that they understand them before moving on. 

English this week has been focused on 'The Queen's Hat' once again with the children learning how to build up the structure of their sentences. We are really trying to push them to remember the key aspects of full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Today they wrote a final story, which was quite tricky for them and they did struggle with parts of it, however they showed fantastic perseverance. They all worked really hard on their stories, and they seemed proud of them. 

The afternoons this week have been busy also, with them completing more learning based on RE and PSHE. The PSHE/RSHE was based on being different, we completed some lovely tasks where the children had to come up with reasons why they are similar and different to other people. 

As a school we are now promoting the Superstar Readers each week, and this week we only had 10 children in the class that reached the goal of reading at least 5 times a week. This is an area we would really like to push, so if you could please try to read with the children as much as you can as they will benefit greatly! I have also told the children they can try to read their books by themselves sometimes if parents are busy, then if you can please just sign in their reading record, so we know they have done it. We are hoping next week will be around the 15 mark. 

Can we also please make sure homework books are handed back in next week, as we don't even have half of them back yet? We are hoping to hand out homework next week. 

Hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend 

From the Year 1 team