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Having fun at the circus... 

Hello everyone, 

Hope you are all well and have had a good week, as I know the children certainly have! This week our afternoons have been a local history based topic which in year 1 has been the hippodrome circus. The children have loved learning about the circus and completing lots of different tasks based on the history of the circus. As a special treat, whilst completing a circus picture, the children got to watch part of the New Year's Eve show, which they thoroughly enjoyed! 

Maths this week has been looking at the addition, subtraction and equals symbols. We have gone back to basics a little with the children to make sure they are fully secure in their understanding of these signs. We will be doing more work on the equals sign amongst other bits next week. They have done well this week with these previously taught areas. 

English this week was a new story, that of Pinocchio. The children have listened to the story and have been creating lots of fantastic work based on the original. They have been looking at the basics of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in particular as these are areas they need to be able to do before moving up to year 2. 

In RSHE this week we spoke about how we can be safe online and when using different devices. The children were excellent with this and understood that if there is something worrying they must leave it and speak to an adult. 

We have sent homework home this week and if we can ask for it to be no later than next Thursday please so that it can be checked and the new homework stuck in. 

I have once again asked the children to make sure they are trying to read at least 5 times a week. We did get 12 children this week that did read the minimum of 5 and two of those children actually read more than 7! Which was amazing! 

Hope you all have a good weekend.

From the Year 1 team