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C of E Primary School

Happy Birthday Dave Grohl!

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The first full week of Year 1 in 2018!

This week the Year 1s experienced their first full week since the Christmas holidays...and what a week it was! Firstly there was the excellent pantomime, "Peter Pan", which saw staff dancing and lots of Year 1's bopping, singing and receiving high 5's! This week we have looked at a picture book called "The Journey Home" by Frann Preston-Gannon. This will be the focal point of our class assembly and the display in the narrow corridor which focuses on our Christian value this half term of 'Respect and Reverence'. Please save the date!!!!!! Our class assembly is Thursday 1st February 2018! We look forward to seeing you! I cannot say anymore as it will spoil the surprise...but if you have heard about polar bears, pandas, elephants and orangutan (or even a dodo) then this is why!

In Maths we have looked at teen numbers. Back in the days before Michael Gove, we would have said "tens and units" when splitting (partitioning numbers) numbers. We now refer to them as 'tens' and 'ones'. We spent some time splitting teen numbers into their tens and ones and relating this to how the numbers look when written down. Understanding the teen numbers and their relationship to ten will help us quickly grapple with larger numbers in the future. We used Dienes equipment (plastic sticks of 10, and little cubes of ones), straws (in bundles of tens, and as single 'ones'), numicon tiles, tens frames and plastic cubes (to build towers of ten and 'ones'). This has helped us visualise what is meant by the teen numbers and unpick why they begin with a one (one group of ten) and then x-amount more. E.g. 13 is one group of ten and three more and can be written  as a number sentence like this: 10 +3

Here are some examples of how we have explored and some you can try at home too:

Tens frames showing  the number 15
Tens frames showing 15 (can be made from cut eggboxes too!).
Pictures of Numicon showing how 16 is made.
Picture of Dienes equipment showing 'sticks' of ten and two 'ones'.




















Here is a link to a game we have played to help us remember and recognise the tricky teen numbers:

We have also learnt to "Count On". This is where we can use a new strategy to help us add two numbers. Firstly we identify which of the two numbers is largest, then we place this number "in our heads". We then "Count On" (using fingers/ other strategies) for the second number in our number sentence. So, if we had 7+9, we would place 9 in our heads, hold up 7 fingers and count on from 9... "10-11-12-13-14-15-16." By working this way we can solve number sentences quicker and hopefully with greater efficiency. Once we were confident with this, we then proceeded to introduce the numberline!

We have looked at simple single digit number sentences to learn to use the number line, and then extended this to add together two numbers within 20. We have learnt some special "rules" so that we learn to use the number line correctly. This is a great way to solve mathematical problems now and in the future. First we placed a dot under the largest number in our number sentence. We then placed a dot under this same number on the number line. So if we had 5 + 7 =, we placed a dot under the '7' in the number sentence and the '7' on the number line. We then looked at how many jumps we needed to make. As we are adding numbers we know that the number will get larger, so we now to move right as the numbers get larger. We would then draw five individual jumps from the number 7, jumping from each line on top of the number line. When we had completed our jumps we then circled the answer on the number line. By completing these steps it enables us to check our work (a skill we have begun to talk about), as we can all make mistakes. It also enables everyone to be able to read their 'workings out' which can identify why/how mistakes were made. Apologies for the ramble: I don't remember number lines so I thought it easier to explain just in case! Anyway, here is another game which can help!         Please select Level 1 in adding! 

 Level 1 adding: The children are given a number sentence (I have skipped ones above twenty by pressing 'Next' as we are concentrating this half term on addition and subtraction within 20) and then use the number line as outlined above but without making dots. They then click on the correct number after counting on. Should they get the correct answer, the crocodile pulls the bandages and the Mummy's pants are revealed! Needless to say, the children have found the Mummy's array of pants VERY entertaining!

Phonics: We have started back in our Phonics groups again and weekly homework has returned. Please continue to practise the phonemes in the pink homework book and return to previous sounds so that children are confident in reading them within words. Thanks! I am trying to find more online games but sadly some of the places I used to use now charge a lot of money and so I cannot use them now.

Curling: The second group from Year 1 took part in Curling this week and had a fabulous time with Mark! I hope to put some pictures on later in the week!

Topic: We have been working hard on some art work to show in our assembly (Thursday 1st February!!), some of which will go onto our display too. We have worked EXTREMELY hard on our colouring skills; trying to colour in one direction and vary our pressure to create different tones. We have worked hard to colour within lines and not leave white gaps. We have also looked at the 'myth' of random white space in scenery drawings, that often appears between the sky and grass line! I have to say, the pictures do look FABULOUS! We hope you will like them...and the special 3D elements!

We have also been practising within our House Teams for the annual House Shout competition! Kingfishers have been practising 'Stand by me', which I think sounds pretty fantastic at only rehearsal one! All four houses will compete at the end of term for the House Cup. Go Kingfishers ;)

And the word for this week is 'habitat'!

And to celebrate Dave's birthday today, here is a funny clip of him on the Muppet Show where he competes with Animal in a drum-off at the end! (As it is You Tube, please check any content you load and watch AFTER the link as You Tube is not regulated. Unfortunately the video was too large for me to upload on it's own, but it is quite fun).

See you Monday,

Miss G