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What's been happening this week...?

Arrghhh! Another crashed blog, just as I was adding the last photos. HMMMPPH- and on with resilience and growth mindset...

This week has been another busy week in Year 1. We have looked at maps of the world and identified where different animals live (based on hot and cold climates). We have learnt lots of facts about polar bears and revisited our diary entry from previous weeks. The children worked hard and many are now confident in writing extended pieces independently. Some children used two sheets of paper on their hot task as the polar bear in their diaries and lots of WOW words were seen! Well done guys! However, a common sticking point is those tricky full stops. This week we shall (again) look at them and if any interactive games appear, they shall be featured on next week's blog.

Speaking of blogs, thank you to everyone who reads this! It does take some time (especially when it crashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I hope the links and tips serve as useful titbits for you guys at home! I shall add a new post with a list of games which I mention each week, so that you can go back and revisit these if this seems a worthwhile idea. Also, Mr Young has a Work of Distinction page on the News and Events section of the website. Be sure to check this as children's work will be uploaded here in recognition of effort and achievement.

Reading Books: It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we have some new reading books! After two and a half hours Monday night with many muttered words and pulled faces whilst ordering a lot of new titles one at a time, our order arrived on Wednesday! We now have a better stocked/replenished set of Phase 4 reading books and more Phase 5 books. These will support our phonetic skills in reading and our enjoyment of books with the bright pictures, interesting themes and decodable nature.

Reading: PLEASE can you ensure that your child reads 5 times per week, and that this is written in their Reading Record. If your child reads on five separate days, they will move along our racetrack and receive a raffle ticket for Friday's raffle (plus Teampoints). In addition, when classes achieve an 80% (or more) score of children reading five or more times a week, they will receive a jigsaw piece for the school bookworm. When enough jigsaw pieces are in place, an online spinner will be spun and one lucky (?) teacher will receive a forfeit. How lovely would it be for Mr Young to come to school (all day!!) dressed as a fairy! We have to be in it, to win it!

Topic: In topic we boarded the Homefield Boeing 747 and flew to Antarctica. With Mrs Simpkins acting as the hostess with the mostest, whilst I captained the flight, the children had a fantastic albeit cold adventure. We had our passports stamped at Arrivals, went on a wildlife hunt in the Antarctic and looked at physical features from the air. Lots of children enjoyed the takeoff and landing, with no sick bags needed! Where shall we head to next...?

Respect and Reverence: Here is a sneak peak of our display and a hint at our class Assembly. Remember it is Thursday 1st February- be there or be square!


PE: Sadly weather condition prevented outdoor PE on Monday, but Thursday saw us embark on a dance unit. We will be dancing around the world and ending with a Chinese dragon dance! PLEASE can parents with children who struggle changing independently support them at home! I can no longer justify a whole afternoon for PE with the demands of the rest of the curriculum because some children take a long time to get dressed! These few children will otherwise spend the majority of their hour's PE session dressing and undressing without having chance to experience the fun and physical activity that their classmates are experiencing.

Maths: We have spent a lot of time consolidating concepts with addition, with this week being focused on how the different digits in number sentences can be moved but still total the same. For example: 2 + 5 = 7

We used templates with coloured boxes and counters to explore how that number sentence (and others) can be written in at least 3 other ways (not accounting for subtraction facts). This is a tricky concept but hopefully all children will now be able to read and write addition sentences in different ways.

2+5 =7




Some children didn't believe that the total and equals sign could go first, and this posed some problems. Using a real balance scales and some Numicon, I demonstrated how these number sentences can be written. We have had to explore how the equals sign means 'balance' / 'the same' /'equal to', so a balance scales was the best way to show this: 5+2 is the same/is equal to/ is balanced with "7"

Some children also thought that any addition sentence always ends in ten (even when they can recite the number bond partner to make 10!): E.G: 2+3 = (10! - NOOOOOO). So as a little thing to explore at home, whilst in school we continue looking at number sentences which total all numbers to 10/ 20, here is a link to "Hit the Button". Here the children can practise answering addition questions within 10, using their fingers to 'Count On' if necessary and developing their fluency and recall:

Go to:

Number bonds

Up to 10

Addition within 10


Children's misconceptions can be very fascinating but also bizarre! ;)

If helpful, I will create a separate blog post with a list of games which I think are helpful at home (when five minutes arises).


See you Monday!

Miss G