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We Will, We Will Rock You!!!

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What's been going on this week?!

Well, tonight is the end of another VERY busy week in Year 1! We have had "Quizzes" all week as it has been Assessment Week, with some very pleasing progress observed in Maths and SpAG (Spelling and Grammar). We will need to return to the Reading Quiz, as this has changed since our Autumn paper whereby we are now expected to read more and answer questions completely independently. I shall also have each child take part in the Phonics Screening 'Quiz' so that they are becoming familiar with it, but also so we can see where the children are at . One has been sent home as homework this week for you and your child to familiarise yourselves with as no new phonemes have been taught this week.

Aside from 'Quizzes' and our celebratory dance with Pharrell Williams, we have been exploring the Computing aspect of our curriculum. We have looked at our 'Coding and Control' element which helps us to develop our programming skills. We have learnt LOTS of Computing terminology which may see parents' faces turn a funny shade,  including "Algorithm" and "Debug"! Don't fear, it is NOT that bad... An algorithm is a set of instructions whilst 'debugging' is fixing a problem (a step or more) within a sequence of instructions! does this work when you are 5 or 6 years old? Well, firstly we watched Mr Bagge on YouTube. He acts as a robot in his Key Stage 2 class who are trying to instruct him in making a jam sandwich. We found this highly entertaining but it helped us to learn that technological devices like Beebots, robots, remote controls etc need specific information. The children attempted to 'program' me to put my shoes and socks was not as easy as they thought! We used this approach to then order common, everyday sequences, like washing your hair and baking a cake. This allowed us to develop our 'algorithm' skills. Next we moved onto using the Beebot app on the IPad;

We were shown how to count the steps and use the arrow keys before we independently attempted to program the Beebot ourselves. We were all desperate to earn three stars which could only be earnt if we completed the sequence of instructions within the time frame (and in short sequences of instructions or algorithms). We were all very confident until we had to complete more turns...this is where we have to imagine ourselves as the Beebot and turn left or right according to its position! After another Computing lesson, we have gained more confidence with this. We have even had the real Beebot programmable devices out and tried to program them to reach certain destinations in one set of instructions (which can be tricky!).

This week also saw our FANTASTIC assembly! Thank to everyone who came! We had a brilliant turnout and some really positive feedback, thank you! The children did a fabulous job, even with last minute stand-ins and poorly people back from absence. Well done Year 1! Photos have been sent home, but I will add some to the Blog (The IPad is still at school...oops!).

Next week is an incredibly busy week!

Monday and Thursday are Homefield's Parent Evening sessions. See you on your appointment day. Please use the main school entrance and wait outside until you are called. Children's books will be outside the classroom for you to look through.

Tuesday: The Valentine's School Disco... get ready for some moves to be busted and shapes to be thrown!

Friday: Is not only the last day of term, but also the school "House Shout" where the four house teams will compete for the House Cup in a school 'sing-off'. The thing you need is "relaxation!"

Next week is also Creative Writing Week. This will see all the classes in Key Stage 1 and 2 merge together into six teams. Each team will visit a different classroom each day whereby they will visit a different country from one of the different continents around the world! Year 1 will be writing postcards from each country... A good job Sunny the Meerkat sent us a postcard today (from Yarmouth seafront!!).