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Happy Birthday Mr Wrinkles!

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First Week Back...

And today’s blog comes from the sunny conservatory on a Friday evening with an iced drink at hand…

This week has been a busy one (as they always are), and the children seem older, taller and wiser. We have seen the introduction of “the Dab” and “Flossing” emerge which now means they really are growing up!!!

We have had an RE focus this week with the theme of Passover. We began it by preparing for a familiar celebration, birthday parties. Lo and behold it was only Mr Wrinkles’ 6th birthday this week too!!! On Monday we busily prepared for Mr Wrinkles’ surprise party, making party lists including music, games, foods and decorations. We sure have a Michael Jackson following in class! This then led to Miss G in Tesco’s late at night checking 28 party preparation lists 😉


On Tuesday the whole of Year 1 were incredibly excited, some bringing in homemade cards and presents for Mr W! That afternoon we set to delegating jobs and blowing balloons and decorating the class. Then we retrieved Mr Wrinkles from the charms of Mrs James and surprised him with beautiful singing and thirty party poppers exploding at him! Cue some amazing dancing to Michael Jackson, Pharrell Williams and then the food…. Everyone (EXCEPT us adults!!!!) had cake and nibbles, banana milkshake ‘cheers’ with the clink clink of cups before we settled down (after tidying up of course) to watch Mr Wrinkles open his homemade present from Eva! He certainly had a very exciting birthday and one he will not forget!

From Wednesday we began looking at ‘recount’ writing, where we write about events which have already happened. As it had been such a joyous celebration, we all wrote about Mr Wrinkles’ party and began looking at the VCOP wall of flowers. The VCOP wall is a way for us to make our writing that much better and is a place we can ‘magpie’ or ‘steal’ ideas. V- Vocabulary (WOW words, adjectives, adverbs, specific words for the genre we are writing about), C- Connective are ‘joining words’ to make our sentences longer and add more detail, O- Openers, so different ways to start a sentence and in this genre the use of time connectives such as ‘Yesterday’, ‘First’, ‘Next’ etc. Lastly, we have P for Punctuation. This serves as capital letters, full stops, and then symbols like question marks, exclamation marks, etc. As a class we wrote a recount together and then the children tried to write their own. I was very impressed with Poppy’s list of WOW words!!!

Wednesday also led to the idea of Passover in the Jewish faith. We asked questions and suggested ideas before we started to learn about the new idea. We likened the Passover celebration to Mr Wrinkles’ party in terms of similarities and differences. Then we looked at the ten plagues sent by God and some of us liked the yucky, disgusting bits…. Horrible Histories is now a firm favourite it would appear!

Towards the end of the week we have been busily writing recounts of our trip to Time and Tide, and The Exodus Story (Story of Moses including the ten plagues). We have an awesome array of art and writing for a display about trust in God too. PHEW…and that’s without talking about phonics and maths!!!

In phonics we have been completing phonic assessments. You will see that another fun (!) phonics quiz is in bookbags as homework. If you could please practise sounding out and reading the words, remember “Say what you see!”. Phonics Screenings will begin Monday 11th June so please do not take any holidays then!!! Children who miss or do not pass the screen have to take it in Year 2! Let us crack it this year so that it is done, and we can have a special phonics party afterwards!

Normal phonics will begin next week, but some children may have moved groups or be recapping previously learnt sounds so that they become more confident. With that, Mrs Bridge has a new group for ELS and this is where the children meet each morning for ten minutes and have extra confidence boosting sessions in Literacy. Please can we all support learning at home by reading at least 5x per week, practising our phonics homeworks (which count as the reading if you sign the diaries) and the weekly Maths/Literacy homeworks. Lots of children are onto the second rainbow of words in Year 1, so well-done guys!

Maths: We have now begun the Multiplication and Division block of the White Rose approach to mastery in Maths, but in the Year 1 way. We have learnt to count in tens and sing to another cheesy You Tube hit (see Super Duper websites blog post! Or here-->

Here is a game to support counting in tens from zero:

We are all able to fill in missing numbers when counting in tens and many of us were not fooled when some sequences counted backwards in tens. Yeah! We then went a little of track and looked at adding tens to other numbers as it became clear that we were still using our fingers… PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT SAY we “add a one and a zero” when adding ten! We have looked at numbers between 0 and 50, looking at how many tens and ones they have. We have made these numbers using Numicon, Dienes, eggboxes, tens frames, straws etc and revised how many tens and ones they have. We have then added “A group of ten” in the form of a ten numicon tile, a fully crossed tens frame, a Diennes “ten” stick etc and then recounted how many tens and ones we have. We have seen how the tens number goes up one because one group of ten was added and the ones have stayed the same. I hope that makes sense. Surprisingly some of the children who need more help at times found this easier than some of the children who feel very confident in maths. A Maths “race” has been sent home for children to explore adding ten at home (to support work in school). Please use concrete “things” (bundles of ten straws with elastic bands, and ones straws) etc should your child need them for reassurance or to physically see the process.


Whilst talking of homework, we have a paper-based homework for Literacy. I have included a “cute” poster of the rules for plural nouns to help the children and for reference at home. 

We all understand the need to add -s at the end to make singular into more than one (plural). But we sometimes forget which tricky sounds need -es added instead of -s. Have fun exploring and revisiting this idea. Here is a link to sorting words based on singular or plural, which shows mainly the +s rule. We will continue to revisit this idea (and others) throughout the Summer Term. If a paper-based Literacy does not appear in bookbags then rest assured an activity of will be waiting. If you have not yet completed please could you and if you have lost your login details, please see a member of Year 1 staff. Thanks!


Trip: A letter will arrive home next week about our proposed trip to Bridewell Museum in Norwich. We can only attend on Friday 18th May due to school timetables and museum bookings. Please could trip monies be paid by ParentMail swiftly- Mrs James is currently costing the coaches and museum prices to get us the best deal. Thanks again!

Transition: Some of you may already be hearing talk of Year 2, or “No more Miss Grant/ Mrs Simpkins” as we begin to gently add more weight to transition ideas. One person even knows the number of school weeks after asking me this afternoon! Behind the scenes we begin transition early and always hint at getting older and expectations for the next year groups. As we are in the Summer Term we are now adding a little more to this, such as writing the dates ourselves, expecting more written work etc. Details of next teachers will be released when the time is ready, and all decisions have been made etc. Fear not, this is something we do well at Homefield and the next teacher will know the ins and outs and any necessary information before your child starts Year 2. Remember to look at this as a positive, at how clever they have become, how grown-up they are now…

Clubs: Coding Club was inundated with names. Unfortunately, I think there may be too many for one group. I shall take a good look and ponder about what I can do, and details will follow. Remember this is a club after the Whitsun half term holidays.

And I think that is it…



PE Shoes: Please could you check your child’s PE shoes (plimsoles and trainers). Our feet have been growing and some footwear is becoming a little snug.

Socks: Please could we have a pair of spare socks in PE bags so that these are available for PE / change of clothes and to prevent shoes rubbing.

Clothing: Names are fading- please check and re-label clothes. So many disappear to Lost Property as they do not have visible names inside. The sew-in ones are much better as they do not fade.

Sun Protection; Please could children ALL have sunscreen applied in the morning as harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage little (and adult) skin. Children also need sunhats and water bottles too please.

Photos: PLEASE can we have baby and toddler photos for Tuesday’s History lesson. 10 points to Elliot for bringing his in already 😉

Class Photos: May 2nd- be sure to look gorgeous for the annual class picture. Hmmm…now which shoes to wear…

80s Dress-Up Day-  Don’t forget it is May 4th. Password is Tanqueray

PTA events: We shall be hosting another Movie Night very soon. Mrs Simpkins is already preparing the letter, so look out for it in bookbags.

Enjoy the long-awaited sunshine and see you Monday!

Miss G