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23rd- 27th April 2018

Good Evening everyone after a long week of super learning!

This week we launched our new History topic, “What has changed since my Grandparents were little?” This week we have looked at fashion and music (which go hand in hand) from the 60s and 80s! We found ourselves recognising hits from these decades thanks to popular films like Shrek, but also music collections at home. Madness with “Baggy Trousers” provoked laughter whilst “I want to Break Free,” by Queen caused confusion, with many children thinking Freddie was a girl! Ooops!

We began our topic by making our own, personal timelines. It is hoped by having made these that we will understand the newly “decorated” timeline of the 60s to the present day and what is illustrates. Our timelines have been thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially looking at photos of us all (including me!). We all enjoyed thinking about what we might look like in the future… Thinking about some of those dates seems very Sci-Fi to me! 2075…gee whizz!

We then spent a topic lesson looking at the fashion and influence of music in the 1960’s. We loved the funky colours, the Mods and the Rockers and we even boogied to a variety of music including The Beatles, The Animals, Nancy Sinatra and the Mamas and Papas. We then designed outfits for ourselves as though we were living in the 60s. A lot of us loved the John Travolta “Grease” look so be prepared for leather jackets and quiffs!

We then explored the 80s the following day, again with an eclectic mix of music and how it influenced fashion. Many children loved the punk rock look and enthusiastically created Mohicans and brightly coloured hair. We sang to Queen, Guns and Roses and some Michael Jackson. Stay tuned for more 80s fun on 80s Day (Friday 4th May!).

We have looked at a few popular culture features of the 60s and 80s too. We have watched some snippets of children’s television programmes, including Watch With Mother! They were aghast when they found out that only BBC1 existed in the 1960s and worse still when they found out that there was only one hour of children’s tv!

As each week unfolds, we will look at toys from both decades, technology (Ooh now that will cause a stir!) and food. If you have any toys, next week would be great to see them.

Phonics is back in full swing with new group names. Homework has gone out today as we all revise phonemes that we have found tricky. Please also find a Maths and English piece of homework- counting in fives and correcting the sentences.

In Literacy we have been working on VCOP… VCOP, what is that I hear you ask. V- for Vocabulary (elaborate/more sophisticated words than we would normally use), C- for Connectives (joining words like ‘and’, ‘but’), O-Openers (Ways to start a sentence; “Once upon a time”, “Long, long ago”, “First”, “Next”), P-Punctuation (full stops, capital letters, question marks). We have seen some great writing as a result of our new self-checking stickers and display board where we can “magpie” ideas. Keep an eye out on Mr Young’s “Work of Distinction” where a piece of work will be uploaded next week.

In Maths we are continuing to explore very early multiplication and division. This week has taken the form of looking at equal and unequal groups…because we cannot skip count (count in 2s, 5s or 10s for example), if groups are not the same. We have also spent time exploring the concept of number of groups versus numbers in a group. This has caused some confusion but sets the important foundation for later times tables work. Here is the link for our counting in 5’s song:

PE: Please can ALL children have a pair of trainers (or plimsoles) for outdoor PE! A pair of socks is handy to prevent shoes from rubbing, in case of wet socks from a rainy playtime or when girls have come to school in tights.

Please can earrings be removed the morning of PE lessons too.


Class Photos: is Tuesday 1st May. Apologies, dates had changed since the original dates given in September. Be all scrubbed and polished ready for a super photo!

Wednesday 2nd May: Movie Night for PTA funds.

Friday 4th May: 80s Day!

Monday 7th May: May Bank Holiday!

This week’s password is Walthamstow