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Find out all about Year 2 at Homefield Primary School.

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  • Merry Christmas!

    Published 18/12/20, by Scarlett Everett

    Grinch Instructions and exploring money... completed it!

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  • Instructions, Money and a Surprise from Santa!

    Published 11/12/20, by Scarlett Everett

    Still working our socks off but with added Christmas cheer!

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  • Nativity Day

    Published 04/12/20, by Scarlett Everett

    We began the week with an inspiring start and ended it with a fabulous Nativity Day!

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  • Advent Arrives

    Published 27/11/20, by Scarlett Everett

    This Sunday marks the start of Advent as we celebrate and prepare for the coming of Jesus!

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  • Mistress Matilda's Tales

    Published 20/11/20, by Scarlett Everett

    A visitor from the past and odd socks!

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  • The Great Fire of London!

    Published 13/11/20, by Scarlett Everett

    History and English come together this term!

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  • Remember, Remember...

    Published 06/11/20, by Scarlett Everett

    ... the 5th of November!

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  • A sparkling end to the term!

    Published 23/10/20, by Scarlett Everett

    Dazzling sense poems that transport you to a Bonfire Night celebration.

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  • We are Geographers!

    Published 16/10/20, by Scarlett Everett

    Can you name the seven continents and five oceans?

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  • Build others up!

    Published 09/10/20, by Scarlett Everett

    We celebrated World Mental Health Day with words of encouragement!

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  • What great writers we are!

    Published 02/10/20, by Scarlett Everett

    We are now experts at question and exclamation sentences!

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  • Scrubbing Brush is saved!

    Published 25/09/20, by Scarlett Everett

    Traction Man has saved Scrubbing Brush in our own adventures!

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