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C of E Primary School

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A snowy end to the week!

At last the snow has arrived! The children were more than a little excited by the weather today.  They were permitted to go out and play in it this morning but it got a little treacherous on the playground by lunch time so they stayed in the warm for the rest of the day. 

We have started our money unit in maths.  It has been a challenge for the children to get to use money in different ways.  We are aiming towards a real-life maths project that we will reveal to you more in future weeks. Some children are still unsure of the coins we use.  They need to know their names and values so if they could count a handful of mixed coins at home this would be really helpful. 

We are in teams working on a piece of information writing in literacy for the next week. Our non-fiction subject is The Moon. Any further research they can do would help them in class. Simply sharing a non-fiction book with your child at home would be a help.  Look at the way it is laid out (headings, sub-headings, labelled pictures/diagrams, captions ).

Unfortunately, the library has been out of use this week (borrowing books) due to a technical IT glitch so the children do not have a library book at the moment.  However, a few children have moved reading colour bands this week so when you read with them see how they cope with the next level up. 

Our new spelling focus is plurals (adding es).  Look out for the spellings in their book bags. 

The children have split into their house teams this week to learn a new song for our school 'Shout Out' (see Mr Young's newsletter). Lyrics will be coming out next week so look out for them in your child's book bag so you can help them to learn a new song. We will have one rehearsal in school each week too. Ask your child what their song is called. 

Wrap up warm this weekend and if we have anymore snow then enjoy it. 

Our secret word is going to be a year (when Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon).  It is '1969'. 

Miss Studley and Mrs Ashington.