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C of E Primary School

A week of African colour and creativity in Year 2.

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African Day Drummed up enthusiasm for our topic.

We have enjoyed a varied week with a highlight being our African-themed day on Tuesday.  Thank you for taking the trouble to provide your child with a costume; it really enhanced the day and filled our class with colour. 

In literacy, the children had the opportunity to sample fruits featured in the book 'Handa's Surprise.' We used this as a way to develop the children's vocabulary and descriptive writing. Why don't you ask your child which fruit was their favourite.  They tasted mango, banana, avocado, pineapple, passion fruit and orange.  We couldn't get hold of a guava fruit.  Maybe you could find one and try it at home. We have also been learning about different sentence types (a statement, a question, an exclamation and a command).  Ask your child to give you an example of each type.  They are on the writing grids I gave out to you at parent's evening. Remember to keep referring to those grids as they are so useful for organising their writing and we're talking about them a lot in classs at the moment.

In maths Miss Noonan has started our fractions topic.  This will continue for a further 3 weeks. They have made a good start introducing the main fractions of a half and a quarter. As well as looking at fractions of shapes they have also looked at fractions of a number.  I think they're favourite lesson was the one that involved eating pancakes. I wonder if you can divide up any of your food at home (into equal parts) and reinforce the idea of a fraction. 

The children did some superb art work with Mrs Corby this week.  They are looking at the work of African style artist Martin Bulinya.  They have recreated some African figures in traditional costume in his style using chalks and pastels.  The work is breathtaking; we have some very talented artists in our class. Pop in and take a look at them displayed in our classroom. 

Congratulations to this week's award winners in our celebration assembly. Sophia got the Growth Mindset award, Robin Kirk got the mention and Aydon got the Golden Award.  Who will be next? 

On Wednesday next week we will be going to Africa Alive for our school trip.  We have an exciting itinerary planned so we hope the weather improves a bit by then....

Finally our secret phrase is going to be an example of an exclamation sentence: 'How skilful they are at art!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Studley and the Year 2 team.