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A testing week in Year 2

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Thank goodness for Red Nose Day!

We had a colourful end to the week on Friday with it being Red Nose Day.  The children were asked to come in wearing red and white, to bring and a donation and have a joke prepared.  We all listened to each other's jokes this morning.  It was hilarious and most of the children had a joke to share. My favourite joke was from Spencer who made us all laugh with his 'interupting chicken knock-knock joke'.  Sadly he wasn't keen to share it in front of the school incase he got a pie in the face! Luckily we had Harry to step up the mark and make us laugh with his joke in assembly. He took a plate of whippy cream in the face for the class; well done Harry!

It was great to have a day of fun and laughter because the majority of this week has consisted of completing our termly assessments.  The children have done very well in showing us some of the things they have learned this year so far.  This leads onto the SATs meeting for parents that I hosted in the hall this afternoon.  Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend.  I do appreciate that is is difficult for some of you to get out of work so if you did miss please pop and see me and I'll pass on one or two handouts that you missed.  It was mainly to explain the process of the tests, their purpose and for you to ask me any questions. We want it to be a smooth process and the more prepared we are the more we can support the children through it. 

It was very sad to say goodbye to Miss Noonan today.  She is moving onto her next placement school after Easter. Fortunately we have Miss Kennedy back on 19th April for 2 weeks.  

Next week in maths we are going to be learning to tell the time.  At the most basic level your child should be able to read the time to o'clock and half past on an analogue watch (normal watch with hands), at the middle level they will be able to read time to the quarter of an hour and at the highest level they will read it to 5 minute intervals. This is something you can really help with at home so please spare a few minutes (no pun intended!) where you can. 

In literacy the children have just finished their block of writing on recounts. After Easter we are going to launch into some serious story writing.  We'll see if we can build on the skills we learnt when we did the 'Little Pig' stories.  I'm really looking forward to it as the children are developing a real love for writing and this will give them a chance to get stuck into a lengthier piece of narrative. 

Next week we will do some instruction writing so try and think of some verbs that could be used at the start of instructions. I will link it to Easter in some way. Maybe....instructions to make an Easter Bonnet. I hope you're all busy helping your child to make their bonnet for next week's parade.  It's at 9.15 on Friday on the school field.  Why not drop into the hall for coffee and cake once you've dropped your child(ren) off. 

With the Easter holidays fast approaching our secret sentence of the week is 'Boing, boing, boing goes the bouncy bunny!'

Have a great weekend

Miss Studley and the Year 2 team.