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Year two go on a lighthouse adventure

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Best trip ever! 

I could use this blog to talk about the revision we have been doing this week prior to next week's SATs but I'm not going to.  

Instead I will tell you about our school trip to Happisburgh Lighthouse. Firstly, the children were more than a credit to you and themselves.  I was very proud to be their teacher today.  We always have a chat before any trip to remind the children that they are out in public representing Homefield Primary School and that we have a good reputation for our manners and conduct.  I can honestly say the day was very relaxed and enjoyable because the children were so well behaved. 

We made our base at the adventure playground area with the lighthouse 100 metres away. We went up the lighthouse half a class at a time.  We were met by two lovely volunteers, Peter and Melanie, who were our guides.  After a brief introduction to the history of the lighthouse we began our ascent. There were 112 steps to the top of the lighthouse that has stood firm since it was built in 1790. 

At first the steps were quite manageable but as the lighthouse tapered the steps became narrower.  We had a short rest on the service level before making one last steep climb to the very top.  I was so proud of my group who made no fuss whatsoever, especially Olivia who conquered the climb wearing her medical boot. 

The panoramic views from the top were well worth the climb.  Peter even treated us to a flash of the light!  It's only a 50 watt bulb but it is projected by the multiple prisms that relect the light out to sea.  Peter told us that it reaches out between 16 to 18 miles!  We gave our class mates a wave from the top.  They were busy having fun playing on the HMS Invincible play area.  

Before we left the lighthouse we spent our money on some souvenirs.  I'm really pleased that we were able to support the lighthouse in this way as they rely on public funds to keep up the maintenance of the building. We swapped round so the other groups could have their turn then we had our lunch.  We emphasised the importance of picking up all our litter and leaving the play area as we found it. 

The final aspect of our trip was taking a walk on the beach. We saw evidence of houses that had fallen into the sea.  I've never seen children so fascinated by a few bricks! The eroding cliffs are home to the migrating visitors the Sandmartins. These small swallow-like birds put on an aerial spectacle swooping in and out of their nest holes in the sandy cliff face. The children used their binoculars to get a closer look. 

What this trip reminded me of today was that a day out doesn't have to cost a fortune.  The children seemed to enjoy the simple exploration on the beach, having their binoculars, spending time with their friends on the play area (which is free).  I hope with all the fresh air they sleep well tonight. We took some wonderful photos which really capture the enjoyment of the day.  If you would like us to make you a copy, drop a named memory stick in.

The tests next week are nothing for the children to worry about.  We will spend the first hour of each day Monday to Thursday doing one paper per day.  With one the following Monday then it will all be done.  We will reassure them and keep it low key.  You can help by encouraging them to get good sleep and eating a healthy diet so they are ready and alert.  

Our secret word for the week is 'erosion'. 

Have a fantastic weekend

from Miss Studley and the Year 2 team.