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We are awesome!

Your children have been amazing this week.  We have completed most of the tests which have included two maths papers and two reading papers.

All we have remaining is the SPAG test and the spelling test.  If you want to spend any time brushing up on a few things this weekend here are some tips. Make sure your child knows what a noun, an adjective, a verb and an adverb is.  Also how a suffix can change a word (things like ful, ness, ment, est, er on the end of words such as hopeful, enjoyment, strongest, etc). Make sure they can identify sentence types.  A statement gives us information (The dog chased the ball). A command gives us an instruction (Tidy your bedroom). A question requires an answer and finishes with a question mark (What is your name?). Finally an exclamation sentence starts with what or how, contains a verb and ends with an ! (How clever she is!). Ask your child, they will tell you all about them! 

Practising your 'Rainbow' or 'Cloud words' will also be an enormous help, as would knowing when/how to use fullstops, commas, apostrophes to show contracted words and for possession, question marks and exclamation marks. 

I have loved that a few of the children have been bringing in work from home this week.  Jeb started it off by bringing in a story he had made into a mini book, then each day after that a few more children followed suit.  It is lovely to see how the children have inspired each other. We are making our lighthouse stories into little books right now too so we are all budding little authors. 

A reminder that official homework is due in on Wednesday next week. I don't usually single out children, as each piece of work is valued, but I can't resist saying well done to Darci for her wonderful piece of homework all about lighthouses.  It documented her trip to Southwold Lighthouse as well as pinpointing other local lighthouses on a map of East Anglia.  Darci taught me that Southwold lighthouse has 113 steps which is one more than Happisburgh! The quality of presentation is outstanding; she clearly enjoyed doing it. 

There will be a letter coming out on Monday about the Taekwando club that some of you were asking about so watch out for that letter and act quickly if you'd like your child to secure a place. 

Have a great weekend.  Our secret word is Taekwando.

From Miss Studley and the Year 2 Team.