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Year 2 (and Miss Studley...) were very excited about 'Labrador Day'!

Welcome back to the final half term in Year 2.  Yes this year has flown by but we still have a lot of things to achieve before the summer holidays. You will know by now that the Year 3 teacher will be Miss Clark.  It will be my priority for the next 6 weeks to ensure that your children are fully prepared to face the demands of a new Key Stage. This will mean trying to get your children as independent as possible, thinking for themselves a bit more, being responsible for their belongings.  Most of them are very good at this already. 

I know you have already had a newsletter some weeks ago but I'd like to remind you that the Year 2 assembly is next Thursday at 10.15.  It is on the theme of courage/facing our fears and you are all invited. If your child needed a prop or a costume then I have already approached you so don't worry if you have not heard anything. 

This week we have been learning about measures in maths. We have been focussing on temperature, we have used the thermometers and reasoned about temperature by thinking about activities we could do outside in certain temperatures. You could help at home by watching a weather forecast with your child and get them to tell you about the temperature and whether they think the numbers represent a hot or a cold temperature.  We have used the units degrees celcius.  

In literacy and topic the children have been learning about the Queen and what it was like at the time QE2 came to the throne. We are busy creating lines of poetry about the Queen.  We hope to have the poems displayed in the classroom very soon so pop in and take a look. 

We got very excited on Thursday when we got meet Archie the black labrador.  Archie is a working dog who assists Alison Blackman who works for Norfolk County Council so we should be seeing more of them in the future.  The children were fully briefed before Archie arrived about not making a fuss of the dog until they were permitted to as he was in his working capacity.  The children were very respectful of the rules.  This week's picture shows Alison and Archie with our very own Rico. 

The secret word this week is 'Labrador'. Have a wonderful weekend.  

Miss Studley and the Year 2 Team.