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Titanic activities make a splash!

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Attention! Captain's coming....

With it being so warm in class again this week it was good to cool off and visit the Time and Tide Museum on Tuesday. All local schools were invited to this free afternoon; we were really glad that we accepted the offer.  

From the moment we arrived at the museum we were greeted by enthusiastic staff who were dressed in Edwardian attire.  They were in role as passengers and crew of the Titanic and we were transported back to 1912 for the afternoon. The children were split into three groups to experience different activities which they rotated around.  

I was impressed by the way the children engaged in each activity.  They dressed up as crew members, tapped out some morse code messages, learnt how to bow, curtsey and salute, set the table for a first class passenger, explored some suitcases and their contents to work out who the case might belong to. They even tried to waltz! The whole afternoon was very engaging for the children.  They were given a postcard to allow a free return visit for one adult and one child; please use it if you can. 

We have finished our little block on poetry writing this week. In maths we have taken part in the 'Week of Inspirational Maths' activities organised by Mrs Newman.  It has been refreshing to remind ourselves of the Growth Mindset approach and that maths is a visual subject.  the children have had daily opportunities to work practically to explore, look for patterns and trialling out different things. 

Thank you to all of the parents that managed to attend the read, share and review afternoon.  I appreciate that some of you could not get out of work but if you'd like to pop in any day after school your child can sit and go through their work with you. 

Have an enjoyable weekend from Miss Studley and the Year 2 team. 

This week's secret word is 'survivor'  (anyone who can write it in morse code will get a bonus 5 team points!)