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C of E Primary School

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Business as usual.

This week has been productive in terms of the work we have produced in literacy and maths. It hasn't been a week for things out of the ordinary. Lovely to say it has been much cooler too.  We compared the temperatures in class to last week and the previous week where highs of 30 degrees were recorded.  This week it has been an average of 23 degrees in the classroom and everyone is much more comfortable. This is helping the children to build reasoning about numbers and how the temperatures relate in real life. 

We have been writing postcards to the Queen about what it would be like to visit Great Yarmouth. We had two pen ceremonies this week.  The standard of writing and presentation is high.  I will be giving out a 'golden pen' award for the child with the highest standard of writing and presentation before the end of term.  It gives the children who are already on pen something to aim for to keep standards high to the very end of term.  They are very excited. 

Next week is assessment week but because two days are going to be interrupted we squeezed two assessments in early. A reminder that Monday is transition day for the whole school to spend the day in their new class with their new teacher.  Line up as normal on the playground. We will take it from there. 

Wednesday there will be a few children out on a singing day. I will also be out that day so the children will have Mrs Jackman as their teacher. 

I will be sending a letter out about sports day details which is Wednesday 12th July. Keep the morning free for our class.  The older children have theirs in the afternoon.  Look out for a letter early next week. 

This week's Secret word phrase is 'Wish you were here.'

Have a great weekend,

Miss Studley and the Year 2 team.