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C of E Primary School

Autumn is definitely here!

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Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half-term and are feeling rested and ready to tackle all the challenges of this half-term. I hope you all enjoyed the art gallery on Tuesday and could see the progress the children had made from start to finish.

We have started a new english unit of work, this time focusing on Non-Fiction texts and we will be therefore writing to inform. We have started looking at recounts and their features as we will be writing our own recount of our animal encounter experience on Monday 5th November, when animals and bio-artefacts (furs, feathers, skins etc) from Banham Zoo will be coming to school! We are all very excited about this! This links with our new science topic - Living Things and Their Habitats. On Monday, I sent home a knowledge organiser with the key words and ideas that we will be covering in this topic for you to discuss with your children, so please make good use of it! We have already started learning about the different types of habitats in the world and what makes something alive, dead or never alive. I have set this week's homework to be a research task to find out about one of the habitats and tell me what plants and animals you would find in it. This can be presented in any way you would like and doesn't have to be in for 2 weeks as it is a heavier task!

We have also started learning how to write letters in the pre-cursive (with lead-ins and outs to the letters) so that we can make sure we are forming our letters properly before we start joining them properly. The secret word is paragraphs. 

A few of you have been asking me about things to do at home with your children. Hit the Button ( is a great way for your children to practise number bonds, addition facts and subtraction facts and will help their recall to become speedier as these quick links between the numbers is a vital foundation for other areas of maths.  Also, Reading Vipers ( are a great resource for questions you can ask your children about their reading books to develop their comprehension, ability to retrieve information, understand vocabulary, predict, make inferences, sequence information and make links between other things they have read. Again, these are vital skills that really help secure the foundations of reading beyond decoding. It would be really helpful if you could comment on your child's understanding of the text in the comments section of their reading diaries to show their understanding of what they read, not just how they read it. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Mr Cuddles



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