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C of E Primary School

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What a busy week!

The children impressed me with their gymnastic skills in their first lesson with Mr Carr on Monday. They remembered lots from last year and will learn lots more this year, I'm sure! We also had a PE enrichment session learning all about parkour. The children all came back buzzing from this great experience and it was great to try something new.

We have been loving reading The Tunnel, predicting the surprising ending and writing great expanded noun phrases about the dirty, damp and endless tunnel. Then we read the mysterious book, 'The Garden of Abdul Gasazi' and loved that too! We noticed how the books were similar and enjoyed discovering links between the two. We are looking forward to writing our own versions next week!

We have started to become money experts! We are feeling more confident making the same amount in different ways, solving problems with money and working with pounds and pence together. Please keep this up at home where you can as it's a great, useful skill! The secret word is multiplication, as we will be starting multiplication next week, thinking about groups of things and how many there are altogether.

We have also enjoyed our new science topic about plants. We already knew what plants needed  to grow (light, warmth, water, soil/nutrients) so we set up an experiment to find out if the plants could grow without two or more of those things. We can't wait to find out if and how they grow! We also have become experts in the life cycle of a bean plant (that grows from a seed) and a tulip (that grows from a bulb). We now know that germination is when the seed begins growing.

Keep warm and have a cosy weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Mr Cuddles

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