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C of E Primary School

Secret Agent Training Status: Complete!

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After working so hard on our Secret Missions, how could we not celebrate in style?!

Well I'm not sure if there is a word that means even more proud than proud, but that is how I am feeling right now! The children gave their all in their missions and should be extremely happy with their efforts. You have really made great strides this year, and the year isn't over yet! Carry on being the sponges you are, soaking up all the new information we learn, and you'll be even more amazing before the year is out!

To top off an already great week,  we also won the best class for overall attendance this half-term, so a non-uniform day will be happening after half-term. I will let you know nearer the time when that will be.

We have been finishing our George and the Dragon stories and have written some powerful stuff! Hopefully we can use those skills in other pieces of writing after half-term as well as all the grammar we have been revisiting! I'm glad to see lots of you spotting bits in what you are reading too.

In Maths, we have been revisiting things the last few weeks, just to check we can still remember how to do them, and confidently at that! The secret word is Samuel Pepys. 

We finished our Kenya topic, which the children have really enjoyed learning about and moved onto learning about 'What Jews Remember on Shabbat.' We realised that we already knew some things about Judaism becuase their holy book, the Torah, is the same as the Old Testament in the Bible. We learned about how God created the world and about the 10 Commandments and this helped us to understand why Jews celebrate Shabbat every week, honoring the day of rest.

With one more half-term left, I'm not sure where the time has gone, but as I am starting to write the end of year reports, I must say it's lovely to look back on how far you have all come and I know we are going to have a great end to the Summer Term.

Have a great half-term break and rest lots, ready to tackle the last term with all the might of our fiery dragon!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Mr Cuddles