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C of E Primary School

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Sports Day and a trip to Great Yarmouth Fire Station! 

Year 2 have been on fire! Not literally, although a trip to the Fire Station would have helped, but they have been great learners! 

I have been really impressed by the application of all their knowledge in our 10 in 10s this week and in solving Maths problems involving mass and capacity.

I was also impressed by their spirit on Sports Day. Everybody gave each event their all and should be so proud of their efforts!  Well done everyone! Look out for the updated record sheet to see if you broke any Homefield records!

The vocabulary and sentences that the children have been coming up with have also be fabulous and we watched some Revolting Rhymes to see another Fairy Tale mix-up!

We started learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and I was amazed by the links the children were making with our last Judaism unit as well as with our Christianity ones to help them make sense of a picture that we knew nothing about. The inferences were great and we started designing our own Sukkah today. The secret word is etrog.

The children were all well-behaved and represented the school beautifully as we learned about the jobs fireman do, how to be fire safe, sprayed the hose and explored the fire engine at Great Yarmouth Fire Station today. The joy on their faces was a delight to see and you can see all the photos we took in the Photo Gallery under the News and Events tab on this website!

As we approach our last full week in Year 2, it has been a delight to see how much the children have grown, how they are much more confident learners and are ready for the next phase in their school life. I hope you enjoy reading your child's report and are as proud of them as I am.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Mr Cuddles