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Welcome to Year 2, an exciting new chapter in your Homefield life!


Welcome to the Year 2 blog! I hope you all had a lovely Summer. The children have come back to school so well and should be so proud of starting Year 2 with such enthusiasm and maturity. They are a wonderful, happy class and I am already really excited about what they will achieve this year. They have blown me away with their knowledge, showing some real strengths in understanding the foundations of maths and have a real thirst for learning. What a great year it will be!

We have started the week off thinking about our school's Christian Vision of Family and Friendship and created posters to show how we could be a good friend to others. Mrs Newman was stopped in her tracks by our attractive display and commented on how lovely the children's work was. Well done!

We have been refreshing our brains in maths, thinking about place value, filling in hundred squares and spotting patterns in them, and adding and subtracting numbers. In Year 2, all the way up to Year 6, the children do a '10 in 10' every day, which is 10 maths questions to solve in 10 minutes. We have started doing a '5 in 10' and the children show a good understanding of their Year 1 learning and it is clear they will pick up their new Year 2 learning with ease. 

We went on a noun hunt, and we caught some big ones! In English we did indeed hunt around the school trying to find as many nouns that were people, places or things. We made great lists and then even thought about some adjectives to describe them. We also did a 'cold task' today. Thankfully we didn't freeze but we did write an independent story about a super hero. We do a 'cold task' at the beginning of each English topic to help me to see what the children already know about the genre we are writing in so I can plan to build on their understanding. We do a 'hot task' at the end of the topic to show all that we have learned. When you compare the two tasks, the children are always pleased with how they improved.

How are bricks made? Where does metal come from? Why is some plastic transparent and some plastic opaque? These are some of the questions we came up with that we would love to find the answers to in our Science topic about materials. We thought about lots of different materials and their uses and also thought what would happen if objects were made from different materials. We decided a wooden window wouldn't be a good idea, nor would a material table or a paper spoon. We explored what the objects around the classroom were made from and why that was a good material to use. The children have a good vocabulary which they used to describe the properties of the materials.

In indoor PE, we are doing dance. I was so impressed with the children's ability to walk in time to the music, especially when I made it trickier! They have a god musicality which will definitely help them plan their movements well in their own dances later in the term. 

I was so impressed with the class' enthusiasm for reading after sending home new books and reading records and I really hope we all carry on in the same way throughout the year as it is such an important skill. The children will be rewarded with team points for every day they read and if the read 5 times of more they will receive a merit! Keep up the good work! 

We have been reading The Twits as our class book and have enjoyed predicting what we think will happen next as the Twits continue to play mean tricks on each other. We also decided we would not like to try wormy spaghetti or drink a drink with a glass eye in it!

It has been lovely getting to know the children in these last three days and I look forward to watching them grow over the year!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Pixie (the sloth)