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C of E Primary School

Scientists in the Making!

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A fantastic first full week!

We have been busy getting our brains re-energised and back into learning-mode and have had a good week! There is a great deal of kindness and supportive friendship in this calss which is always lovely to see.

In English we have been reading Traction Man by Mini Grey. We have really looked deeply into it explaining what we liked and disliked about it, what it reminded us of and what questions we might ask the author or characters. We also explored the characters feelings using 'because' to explain our ideas and have been super noun and adjective detectives! Can you explain to your adults what a noun and adjective are?

In Maths, we have been exploring place value and have represented many numbers using lots of different equipment to make sure we understand the value of each digit and what this looks like and means. Today we surprised ourselves with all the different ways we could make the same number using a part-whole model. 

In Science, we have been exploring materials and conducted an experiment to test the statement 'all hard objects cannot absorb water'. We were surprised by our findings and enjoyed working as a group together to plan it ourselves. 

We have given out spelling homework this week. We explore the spelling pattern and words throughout the week so the homework is consolidation to be done over the weekend and handed in on a Monday, ready to be tested before exploring the new spelling pattern on Tuesday. I have told my group that if they hand in their homework on time they get a team point, but if the whole group hand in their homework, they get five team points! Challenge accepted!

Have a relaxing weekend,

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Pixie (the sloth)