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C of E Primary School

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What great vocabulry we have!

This week, we have been busy exploring the thoughts and feelings of Toby as he moves through London in our story and use because (big elephants can't always use small exits!) to help us to give reasons why we thought that based on the book. We also used the book to 'magpie' some words and phrases that we liked and could use in our own writing next week. We created word banks and sorted the words into our five senses. We came up with some lovely words and phrases of our own too, like: 'the selfish fire, savage, threatening, fearsome, I could hear loud screams and deadly'.

In Maths, we have been spotting patterns using a hundred square finding one more and one less, and ten more and ten less. We can add and subtract tens confidently, using equipment to help us if we need it and have moved on to using a number line to help us add two digits and one digit. Our Ten in Tens will mostly be focusing on our number bonds to 100, solving problems like _ + 31 = 100 and seeing them in part-whole models and bar models too! 

In History we have spent time being journalists in 1666 writing about the fire and 'interviewing' Samuel Pepys as an eye-witness. The children have written some lovely reports which show their knowledge of what happened, why and how it affected London. We will be making our Tudor houses next week using the shoeboxes that have been brought in!

In Dance we have been using the Great Fire of London as inspiration. We have been improvising fire movements, moving together in pairs and today started practising a move in a canon. We are putting together a class dance that is coming along really nicely. The children have used their music knowledge of the pulse of a music to walk and move to the beat in our warm ups and are becoming more confident at moving their bodies in different ways.

I must say that fewer children are becoming Super Readers on Fridays. Please ensure you and your child read at home five times a week and record this in their reading records. If the children don't hand in their reading records, we won't know if they are Super Readers or if their books need changing. As grown-up Year 2s, they need to be responsible for this. We love reading in class and it would be great to see more of you reading frequently at home too and sharing this with us!

I look forward to meeting you all properly and talking about your lovely children next week at Parents Evening.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Pixie