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C of E Primary School

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We have absolutely worked our socks off this week!

What a wonderful class you are! We tackled many challenges this week and I could not be more proud of you all, especially after a week off! Your positive attitudes, enthusiasm, willingness to try anything and never give up, kindness towards others and sponge-like brains make you all shine! It was hard enough choosing someone to sit on Stanley this week let alone choose someone for the Golden Award! It just had to go to all of you and it was definitely well-deserved. I can't believe we're only just in November! What an amazing year we will have!

Our new topic is an RE unit exploring the answers to the question 'Why does Christmas matter to Christians?' We have already realised that we are familiar with the story of the Nativity and know that Jesus is God incarnate (in the flesh) which is why celebrating His birth is so important and special. We thought about how we prepare for Christmas and also looked at how Christians might prepare for Christmas. We found out that the time before Christmas is called 'Advent' (coming) and is a time to reflect on the hope, faith, joy and peace that the Nativity story teaches by lighting a candle each Sunday before Christmas on an advent wreath. We also found out that it is a time to help others and we made our own Advent promises. 

We have started a new English unit writing to inform. We have looked at a recount and spotted the time conjunctions which help sequence it. We even had to unscramble a jumbled-up recount using the time conjunctions to help us!

In Maths, we have been focusing on using a tens and ones grid to help us subtract. When we don't have enough ones to take away (like in 52 - 19 - we can't take 9 ones away from 2 ones), we have learned how to exchange a ten and turn it into ten ones so that we do have enough! I wonder if you can show your adults?

We started gymnastics with Mr Carr on Monday and I was impressed that the children remembered the various sitting and balancing positions from last year and could demonstrate good posture and stillness. I can't wait to see how they will progress! Some children will be chosen to join some Year 3s in taking part in a gymnastics competition in February out of school (more information to follow). I think it'll be hard to choose!

Have a good weekend and wrap up warm!

Miss Everett, MRs Simpkins and Pixie the Sloth