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C of E Primary School

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This week we wrote some Bonfire Night-inspired poems!

What wonderful words we have used this week! We used our senses and knowledge of adjectives and alliteration to write some lovely Bonfire Night poems that really transport you to that warm, cosy feeling by the bonfire whilst also showing the awe and wonder of the fireworks sparkling in the sky! We used chalk pastels on black paper to make a border for our poems to go on display!

In Maths we have moved onto money and my goodness we are great! If some of you don't end up as accountants or financial advisors I'll be surprised! We generally have a really good understanding of the value of coins and add up the totals of an amount. Why not practise this at home or when you're shopping?

In RE we have been learning the story of the Nativity and learning new vocabulary such as Messiah, census and Magi as well as all the people involved in the story, including the Emperor Augustus and Mary's cousin Elizabeth. We have used pictures to help sequence the story and write our own versions.

Have a cosy weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Pixie (the sloth)