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C of E Primary School

Family and Friendship indeed!

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Friendship, Pixie's mischief and Children in Need.

Well who'd have thought that we'd have such a mischievous sloth! On Tuesday the children came in to find that Pixie the sloth had rearranged all their drawers so they struggled to find them in the morning! Whilst I was collecting the class from the playground, Mrs Simpkins caught her red-handed putting all the children on red! She'd managed to put all the girls on red but was stopped before the boys suffered the same fate! We thought that was the end of her terrible behaviour, but when we came back from assembly, she had tipped all the art aprons over the carpet and stole Attendance Ted's glasses! Thankfully, Year 2 are a very tidy class and quickly cleared up the mess she had made. We were worried going to break thinking about what Pixie might do next and were shocked to find that she had put the wrong answer to the first question on our Ten in Tens, without even using a tens and ones grid to help her! We had to work out the right answer and change it! We were relieved to find that she didn't cause and more chaos for the rest of the day and we think she learned her lesson after Miss Everett gave her a stern talking to! It was such an astonishing event that we decided to write a recount about it so have planned them and are now beginning to write them! 

In Maths we have been furthering our understanding of money by making the same amount in different ways,  writing in pounds and pence, comparing amounts and adding them together. We are going to be solving problems with money, finding the difference between amounts and giving change next week to really see how money is used in our everyday lives.

In PE with Mr Carr, the children were giving a sequence of movements to carry out along the benches involving balancing and jumping. I was very impressed by the skills demonstrated! I was also impressed this morning when we joined in with Joe Wicks' morning shake up. The work out required a bit of stamina and all the children's hearts were certainly racing by the end of it (including mine!).

We have now finished our RE topic and can now answer the question 'Why does Christmas matter to Christians?' I am impressed by their knowledge and understanding of why Jesus is special and am pleased that this was also recognised by SIAMs in our recent inspection. Our children and the school are certainly 'Excellent!' We start our new Geography topic next week and will become expert map readers!

We also managed to fill up our 'Friendship Jar' so, as promised, the children had a little reward time this afternoon. We watched Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes and ate some Fingers and Party Rings to celebrate the amazing kindness and friendship we share in the class. You are all so thoughtful and respectful of each other and I could not be more proud to be your teacher.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Pixie (who better behave herself next week!)