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C of E Primary School

Exploring Africa and Spooky Forests!

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We found out where the tunnel leads and have started our new Geography topic!

What another great week of learning and a Pantomime to make us all laugh!

In English, we found out that Rose does go into the tunnel. It is dark, and damp, and slimy, and scary. We came up with more unwelcoming vocabulary and wrote our own expanded noun phrases to describe the tunnel with the alliteration Anthony Browne uses too! We then found out where it leads and loved looking at all the pictures of the eerie forest and what we could see hidden in the pictures. We also created a bank of words to help us describe the forest next week. Finally, we discovered that Rose's brother had been turned to stone. We made lots of inferences and predictions about how Rose felt, how he actually turned to stone and what Rose could do to fix the problem. We will find out on Monday and see if our predictions were right!

In Maths we have been making sure we are masters of division, solving problems, cracking puzzles and comparing division number sentences to see which has the greater answer. Next week we start our topic on time. In Year 2, children are expected to be able to tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes or the nearest 5 as an extension. I have a class watch that one child will be wearing every day as our 'Time Keeper of the Day' and every time they tell any adult the time (correctly!) they will receive a team point. I think we are all excited about that!

In Geography we have started learning about the country Kenya in the continent of Africa.  We have used our map skills to find important places, mountains, lakes, rivers and seas and have explored the different landscapes. Did you know Kenya is twice the size of Britain? No wonder it has savannahs, beaches, mountains, valleys and large cities! We will carry on finding out more next week!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Pixie