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C of E Primary School

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Making Kenyan necklaces, doing the Maasai Warrior Jumping Dance, telling the time and planning an adventure!

Jambo! We are absolutely loving our Geography topic and have found out lots of facts about it, learned about what life is like all over Kenya and were surprised at how different the cities and countryside are! We learned about a normal day for a child living in the countryside and compared it to our own by writing a diary. Today we made colourful necklaces like the ones we have seen the Maasai wear to show their wealth and wore them whilst we did the Warrior Jumping Dance! We had lots of very good jumpers!

In English, we finally learned what happened to Jack in The Tunnel and then read a similar story called The Garden of Abdul Gasazi. It is like The Tunnel because one of the characters runs through a 'tunnel' they shouldn't go down and the other character has to save them. However, this time, instead of being turned to stone, they were turned into a duck! Thankfully it was all ok in the end! We have really understood this story structure and are now planning our own adventure stories!

In Maths, we have started learning to tell the time. We started the week off by making our own clocks to work out where the numbers go and why, what each hand is for and then labelled it to help us know where the times are when the minute hand is pointing to it. Some of us have really got the hang of it and are starting to become more confident telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. If this could be something practised at home too, then this will really help the children to progress!

Have a super weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Pixie