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Just a few things you may need to know about being in Year 2!

Welcome back! I have loved having a full classroom and hearing all about what the children have been up to since we were last in school. It is good to be back and I'm already impressed with how well the children are getting used to the new routines. I wanted to let you know some of the routines for this year so we can all be ready and prepared and help things run smoothly.

Reading Books and Reading Records

All the children have been given a new reading record and reading book (these are based on where they left us in Year 1). Please read the book three times with your child before you bring it back on a Friday. I ask that you read it three times because the first read involves more decoding of the words to understand what is happening. The second time you read it, you are revising those trickier words and perhaps picking up on things you may not have understood or spotted in the first read. By the third read the children feel more confident with the words and can really understand the story.

Please try and ask questions that check the children have understood like: 'How was the character feeling? How do you know? What do you think might happen next? Why? What does this word mean? Do you know another word like it?  This will help the children to get a bit more out of the book. 

We will be collecting finished books in on Fridays as this allows 72 hours for the books to be used again by other children in our bubble. This will mean that your child will not have a reading book over the weekend but please read other stories, magazines, comics etc together that you have at home as these can also be recorded in your reading record and count as reads for the coming week, and it's always nice for us to know what other books you enjoy! We will then give out new books on Monday ready for the week ahead.

Super Readers! If your child reads 5 times in a week (recorded clearly in their reading records) then they will be entered into a raffle. This can be their reading book as well as other books from home. At the end of each half term, I will draw the raffle and the winner will get to choose a book from a selection I have. So the more times they are a Super Reader, the more chance they have of winning the raffle!

I am aware that some children might whizz through the books they have been given at the moment. Please bear with us as we assess where the children are so we can give them more appropriate books if we need to. I am also happy to recommend books should you need any ideas, so please ask!



Our PE day is Wednesday. The children will need to come in wearing Homefield PE kit. Please ensure they are dressed appropriately as we will be outdoors and have their names in everything so that jumpers etc can be returned to their rightful owners! 


Contacting Me!

I know that with the morning drop off and afternoon pick up routines, it's not as easy to let me know things. Please do email me at if you have anything you want to tell me or ask, no matter how big or small, and I will ensure I will get back to you as best I can. I am conscious that there is a lot of information to take on so am happy to help where I can.


End of the Day

We are very lucky to have the lovely Mrs Simpkins as our Year 2 TA every morning, however she doesn't work on a Tues, Weds, Thurs or Friday afternoon, so Mrs Clarke will be around at 3pm to help see the children out. Also, Mrs Corby teaches in Year 2 on a Tuesday afternoon, so you may see either me, Mrs Simpkins, Mrs Corby or Mrs Clarke of an afternoon as the children are dismissed.


I hope this all makes sense and is helpful! As I said, any questions - please ask! Have a great week!

Miss Everett