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C of E Primary School

Scrubbing Brush is saved!

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Traction Man has saved Scrubbing Brush in our own adventures!

Rain, rain, go away! What a soggy end to the week! 

We have been busy planning and drafting our own Traction Man stories this week. Scrubbing Brush has been captured by The Evil Books, Poisonous Pegs, The Terrible Minute Hand and many more! We have been using adjectives to describe our setting (the slippery Whiteboard Mountain, the cold and dark Drawer Caves, the foggy Year 2 swamp...), our character's outfit (handy tool belt, puffy, thermal coat, sticky suction boots) and our bad guys! We have enjoyed using our imaginations to turn our boring classroom into an adventurous place! 

In Maths we have been exploring tens and ones, using the base ten to help us read the numbers they represent and then using this knowledge to help us order numbers, compare them and use the <, > or = sign. We are always recapping counting in 2s, 5s and 10s when we are waiting to wash our hands!

In Science we have been learning about how some materials are made! We now know how paper, steel, wool, bricks and glass are made. We found out that these are all man-made materials because we have to make them. We learned that natural materials are those like wood, rocks, and water that all occur naturally in the world and aren't made by humans. We have thought about the properties of materials and wondered what the world would be like if everything were transparent, or if everything were stretchy! We decided that we liked our privacy and that stretchy doors would be hard to open!

Can I please politely remind you that the children need to have water in their water bottles and not juice or squash as this is our school's policy and with water bottles now on tables, want to avoid any sticky accidents!

Have a great (and hopefully not too wet) weekend!

Miss Everett and Mrs Simpkins