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C of E Primary School

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Can you name the seven continents and five oceans?

We can! We have been using Atlases and Google Earth to explore our world and have learned that continents are large areas of land that are made up of many countries. We learned where the five oceans are and couldn't believe that the Pacific Ocean was bigger than all the other oceans put together! We had to put a world map back together and have been finding out more about the continents today. Did you know that the population of Europe is more that 739 million people?! We are loving finding out facts about our amazing world!

In English, we have planned yet another exciting Traction Man adventure, whether he be guarding a delicious picnic, diving in a shallow rock pool or climbing the smelly Rubbish Mountain, we have decided what he's wearing, who he's saving and who our bad guy is! We will write these independently next week, remembering our full stops, capital letters, finger spaces and question and exclamation marks too! 

In Maths, we have been learning about fact families! We know that we can make four different number sentences from the numbers 6, 10 and 16: 6+10 = 16, 10+ 6 = 16, 16- 10 = 6 and 16- 6 = 10. We have also been comparing number sentences: 14 + 4 > 10 + 6. Our Ten in Ten challenges have been getting a bit trickier this week and I'm pleased at how confident the children are becoming with them! 

It has been lovely to talk to most of you this week about your children and how they are settling in and I look forward to talking to the rest of you next week too! They are such kind children and enthusiastic learners and always make me smile!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Everett