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C of E Primary School

Mistress Matilda's Tales

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A visitor from the past and odd socks!

We started the week off with a visit from Mistress Matilda, a maid in Thomas Farriner's (newly rebuilt) bakery, who told us all about the terrible tragedy that was the Great Fire of London through drama. We learned so much more about the fire and what people did to try to stop it. Later on in the week, we thought about the differences between what London is like now, and what it was like in 1666. How did people survive without the internet?!

In Maths, we have been focusing on how to solve missing number problems. We discovered a rule: If it is an addition number sentence, to find the missing number, we take away the number we do know from the total (whole). e.g: ? + 23 = 33 we would do 33-23 to find the answer. If it's a subtraction number sentence, we can also find the missing number by taking away if the missing number is in the middle of the number sentence... e.g: 33-? = 23 because we know what the whole is (33). When the missing number is at the beginning of the subtraction number sentence, we don't know what the whole is, so we have to add the other two numbers in the number sentence to make it! e.g: ? - 10=23. I have set some maths homework to practise this that is due on the 2nd December. 

In English, we have been practising our reading skills, highlighting the text to show where we find our answers to prove them. We definitely feel more confident answering questions about a text and know to look for key words and phrases to help us find the information we might need. We have also been focusing on improving our vocabulary, using texts to think about our senses and of descriptive words to describe the scenes in the Great Fire. We are excited about using this gripping vocabulary next week!

Today we took part in marking Anti-Bullying week by wearing odd socks. We also talked about what bullying is, what to do if we see someone being bullied or if we feel we are being bullied and know the adults in the school will help us! We thought about ways we could play our part in making sure bullying doesn't happen and drew our ideas on a puzzle piece. Miss Everett is going to make a display of all the puzzle pieces together to show that when we unite, we can stop bullying and spread kindness.

As we approach Christmas, it is important to think about others and what we can give. We often have advent calendars to help us count down the days and we have decided as a class that we would like to help others by purchasing an advent calendar from UNICEF. Behind each door of the calendar, we find out how the money we have spent on it is helping another child around the world, whether this be to give them a meal, school books or necessary medication. To raise the £25 needed to buy the advent calendar, we thought we could have a fun day where we bring in a donation to dress up as someone who inspires us or we see as a hero. I do not want this dress up day to be a stressful time at home, so please don't worry if you are not able to do so and please don't feel you have to buy anything specially for it. Normal non-uniform will also be ok. I will be sending out a letter next week to give more detail, but the plan is for us to dress up on Monday 30th November, the day before we open the first day on the calendar! The children loved the idea of helping others and giving, rather than receiving. I am so very proud of their kindness and willingness to spread cheer!

Have a restful weekend!

Miss Everett and Mrs Simpkins