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C of E Primary School

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This Sunday marks the start of Advent as we celebrate and prepare for the coming of Jesus!

Christmas is almost here - how did that happen?! Today we made Christmas cards that are going to be sent to the residents of a local care home to spread a little cheer at this time of year. We loved making them! We also made a nativity scene out of air-dry clay. We have to wait for them to dry before we paint them next week and will start our new RE topic exploring why Christians celebrate Christmas. Lastly, we made place mats for our Christmas dinner next Wednesday!

In English this week, we looked at time conjunctions and how they help us to organise our ideas in time order (e.g: firstly, next, after that, then...). We then started writing a shared piece of writing where we are coming up with our own ideas to add into a shared scaffold about what it might have been like to wake up as the fire started spreading across London in 1666, using our Toby and the Great Fire of London story as inspiration. We are choosing our vocabulary carefully to make our audience's hair stand on end and feel shocked by the sights and sounds we describe!

In Maths, we have been learning to subtract using an 'exchange'. This is when we have a calculation like 34 - 29 and we can't take 9 ones from 4 ones... we have to 'exchange' a ten to have enough ones to take away from. We really got the hang of it and I gave the whole class the Growth Mindset Award for Reflectiveness this week as I was so impressed by how they applied what they already knew to help them solve something new!

We are nearing the end of our Great Fire of London history topic and have looked at some primary sources this week to find out more about the types of jobs people did in 1666 and what King Charles II said must happen when rebuilding London. We looked at a map drawn in 1667 and saw the printed version of Charles II declaration. We have learned so much about what life was like back then and how the events of the fire changed how houses were built and fire safety.

On Monday, we are coming dressed as someone who inspires us or who we see as a hero to raise money for our charity advent calendar. The children are very excited to see how our money is helping someone each day! 

On Friday, we are having our Nativity Day where we are learning all about the Nativity and putting something together for the parents to watch online. I can't wait!

Have a lovely weekend- I've heard lots of you are putting up the decorations!

Miss Everett and Mrs Simpkins