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C of E Primary School

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We began the week with an inspiring start and ended it with a fabulous Nativity Day!

I would like to first start by thanking you all for your brilliant efforts this week with not one, but two days of dressing up! On Monday, we came in dressed as someone who inspires us to raise money for our Oxfam charity advent calendars (the UNICEF one had sold out!). We raised more money than we needed so we felt that donating the rest to UNICEF would be a good thing to do. It was so lovely to see who inspires them and I have added an album of photos to the gallery page on the website for you to see all the amazing outfits!

We have written a great descriptive narrative together about the Great Fire of London this week and have chosen our vocabulary carefully to make our audience feel scared and shocked. I am, once again, so impressed by the children's ideas and hope that they continue to realise how they can make their writing interesting. We also got our pink pens out for some editing. We edited our own first and then we swapped with our learning partner to check for those pesky capital letters which end up missing or in the wrong place, for missing/additional words to help it make sense and for any spelling and punctuation errors too! This helped us all to realise what we need to work on when we do our next piece of writing.

In Maths, we started off the week by realising that numbers can also be represented by pictures and have a certain value. We solved problems by working out what value the pictures had to make the number sentences correct. For example: 

This lead us on nicely to think about money, our new topic, as each coin represents a certain value too. We have explored what each coin means, what it's value is, ordered them and discovered that size doesn't mean that it's worth more money and talked about the different shapes and colours they are. We have done the same with notes and will be continuing adding up amounts of money next week. This is something the children can practise at home if you have some change that can be used to count. 

We started our RE topic this week - Why does Christmas Matter to Christians? This linked nicely with our Nativity Day, exploring the Christmas story in great detail, so now we can think about its meaning and what Christians do to celebrate it and why over the next two weeks. We have also put together some videos, photos and readings from today, and Year 1 have done the same, that Miss Everett will combine and create a Nativity video to share with you all next week.

On Google Classroom, there is a pupil questionnaire that Mr Young has put together for the children about the school. If you have a moment, please could you complete it so that we can listen to your valued feedback.

I hope you all have a cosy weekend and stay warm in all this cold weather!

Miss Everett and Mrs Simpkins