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C of E Primary School

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Also, Happy St George's Day!

What another busy week filled with some brilliant learning! Today we found out more about the legend of St George (and learned that he wasn't a mouse!) and also about the 'real' St George who was a Roman soldier, persecuted for being a Christian. We were surprised to learn that he was born in Turkey and probably never visited England!

We are now feeling confident with our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and will continue to focus on applying our knowledge of them to problems! We started this by drawing the problems. So if the question was: Cakes cost £5. I need 3 cakes. How much money do I need to buy them? We would draw 3 cakes and label them with a £5 and then count in 5s to help us! This also helps us see that the multiplication sentence would be 3 x 5 = 15 because we have 3 groups(cakes) that are £5 each and cost £15 altogether.

We have continued our George and the Dragon story and Mrs Newman was very impressed with the vocabulary we were coming up with and the engagement in our learning in English. I know the children have loved writing their stories so far and being completely immersed in all things dragony! We will be finishing them next week and then coming up with our own plan for a fearsome monster to cause chaos!

In science, we explored our school grounds looking for and sketching micro-habitats. We found that some of the insects we saw were not just in one micro-habitat but in a few! We also looked today at desert, ocean, tropical and polar habitats and how some animals and plants are able to live there. We were trying to channel our inner David Attenboroughs!

Please continue to try and read 5 times a week and record it in your reading diaries. We had 13 children as super readers this week and last week so it would be great to get more than half the class reading more often and make sure we get lots of chains on our paper chain! 

As ever, have a lovely sunny weekend!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins, Miss Hollis and Cuddles