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... to Victorian Great Yarmouth... What were seaside holidays like then? Year 2 found out...

Across the school, each class enjoyed a 'Local History Week' looking at a different aspect of Great Yarmouth's past. We looked at seaside holidays then and now. We learned about what similarities and differences there are and had to order some of Great Yarmouth's iconic places on a timeline! There were some surprises about how old some of the buildings were, especially the piers and railway station! We then got into our time machines, travelled back to the Victorian times and imagined we were children living in smoky London, going on a train to seaside for the first time. We wrote a postcard describing all the things we did and saw there! Ask your children all about it!


In English, we finished our own 'George and the Dragon' stories as we had invented our own monsters and hero who would save the day! I am very proud of all the children and their efforts and the exciting vocabulary and good phrases they have used to tell their stories! They thought about their targets form their last piece of writing and tried to make sure they could work on it in this piece. Next week we start a new writing topic based on another lovely book! I can't wait!


In Maths last week, we mastered division by sharing. This week we saw that we can also work out division questions by grouping. For example: 10÷2= 5 can be seen as 10 cakes, divided into groups of 2, equals 5 groups. We thought about this in real life - I have 30 chairs, I can fit 5 chairs per table, how many tables do I need? Or I have 100 sweets, I need to group them in bags of 10, how many bags do I need? To help us work this out, we grouped the counters or drew the groups to help us know how many groups there were. I have set the homework this week with problems with sharing and grouping. I understand some of you have not been here all week, so please don't worry if your child is unsure. I wrote on the sheet to let me know if you need help as I can work with your child in school instead as I never want homework to be a battle. 


We didn't do so well with Super Readers today, going from 17 last week, down to 12 this week. We certainly didn't meet Mr Young's challenge of 20.  Please ensure your child reads 5 times a week and that their reading records are signed and brought in so we can check them! It is such an important skill and one we use in every subject! I hope we can beat 20 next week!


 Have a lovely weekend! I hope lots of you rest and feel better on Monday!

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins, Miss Hollis and Cuddles