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C of E Primary School

The weather won't stop us!

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What a blustery end to the week! The children enjoyed their Tchoukball workshop this afternoon despite the wet and windy weather! Their resilience was fantastic!

In English this week, we finished our Red Reading Hood shared write, using more alliteration, onomatopoeia, well-chosen verbs and adjectives and more great turns of phrase. We have begun story mapping it, ready to come up with our own versions next week! Instead of a love of reading, their own characters will have another hobby that will inspire their stories.

In Maths, we spent the week balancing addition number sentences, subtraction number sentences and a mixture of the two! We became mistake detectives today to try and spot the mistake in the calculation so that it balanced properly! Fabio would be proud! It highlighted to me that we need to practise knowing our number bonds to 10 and 20 so that they are quick and we don't rely on using our fingers so much. We have been doing some 'Hit the Button in class to get quicker at this and it would be great if the children could also practise this at home. It is free here: and is also available as an app (though I believe you may have to pay for it). Instead of a homework sheet this week, please can the children keep practising this!


In Science, we learned about the lifecycle of a frog, the different stages of human growth and conducted an experiment to see if taller people had longer arms! We spotted a pattern- your height is (mostly) always the same as your arm span! We found out that taller people do have longer arms and thought this was because when we grow taller, our other body parts grow too! I wonder if you could investigate this at home?


This week, we had 19 children as super readers which was only one reader behind Year 4 who won this week with 20! We had 3 children on 4 reads so were very close! It would be amazing if we could end the half-term with a win! Keep up the fantastic reading!

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Miss Hollis