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C of E Primary School

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Sponsor money has been piling in and I cannot thank all of you enough!

Aren't you just brilliant? We have raised a total of £1420 now and I know there's still a bit more to come! Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us, your support has been overwhelming and I'm utterly stunned at how much we have raised for UNICEF! You are amazing!

We have spent the week finishing our Pirate non-chronological reports and learning how to use apostrophes for omission in contractions like don' t and you're and for possession to show that something belongs to someone like in the sentence 'The teacher's wonderful class made her smile!'. I had set this for homework but didn't give you the sheets so I will give them out on Monday!

In Maths we have been counting in halves and quarters, solving problems involving fractions and recapping shading a fraction of a shape when there are many parts. We will be moving on to measurement next week so get your rulers, jugs, thermometers and scales ready!

We have been learning a song called 'I want to play in a band' in music. This week we have come up with our own rhythms to clap, stamp, jump and nod along to as the music plays. We found this a little tricky at first but we got there! We also improvised a melody on the hand chimes that we played together and sounded so amazing I had to put everyone on gold!

In PE we practised the high jump for the first time. I was so impressed by the children's determination to jump as high as they could that we even had some record-breaking jumps! We will be doing our sport's day events next week... are you ready?!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Everett, Mrs Simpkins and Miss Hollis