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C of E Primary School

Have a Wonderful Summer!

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An ice cream treat!

Well, here we are! We have made it to the end of term, to the end of Year 2 and to the start of the Summer holidays! We finished sewing our puppets and enjoyed estimating and measuring temperature and capacity this week but we have also had lots of fun celebrating our hard work and making it through a challenging year!

Thank you all for your support, kindness and generosity this year. Thank you too, for all you did during Lockdown - it was no easy task! With all the hurdles we have had to overcome, I am very proud of the children and their resilience and hard work. They have achieved a great deal both in their learning and as people, raising a phenomenal amount of money for charity. I have very much enjoyed teaching your children and can't wait to teach them again in September, embarking on our Year 3 adventure together! They are a fantastic group of well-mannered, kind, friendly, funny and enthusiastic children and I look forward to watching them grow and learn even more!

As we enter Year 3, we wil be using pen to write with! Therefore, I have sent the children home with some handwriting practise should they wish to work on their handwriting during the holidays! Some of you have also asked for some extra bits to practise - the types of questions on the Ten in Tens that have gone home and are on Google Classroom still are perfect to keep their arithmetic brains simmering over, as well as Hit the Button and BBC's Karate Cats Maths and Karate Cats English!

But the most important thing is that you relax, enjoy your break, have lots of fun, enjoy the sunshine, see friends and family, make fantastic memories and tell me all about it when I see you again in September!

Miss Everett


A message from Mrs Simpkins and Miss Hollis:

Thank you so much for our wonderful gifts and thank you all for being such lovely children this year and working your socks off! Have a fantastic Summer!