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Happy half-term

Good afternoon everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great week so far, thank you for all those that we spoke to on parents evening, we enjoy being able to share our experiences of how your children are getting on.  If you do have any further queries just let us know, we are always around to help.

English this week has once again been based on the story The Crow’s Tale. The children have been finishing off the book this week, with them going on to plan their own ending to a story and then writing it. We are really impressed with how much effort they put into their writing!  We ended up with some beautiful endings which the children were really proud of.

Maths this week has been based on subtraction, with the children focusing on building their confidence with taking away numbers. They have also looked into using the column method with subtraction and have gone on to complete some tricky numbers including borrowing, which is great.

Topic this week has been based on Geography, with the children investigating the surrounding area. They have mainly been looking at continents and oceans, and where they are in the world. The children often find this hard to grasp in terms of the size of the continents, so we have tried to make references and comparisons to their everyday life.

We also completed some computing this week, with the children typing out different things on a Word document and then editing it to make the writing bigger, and different colours.

Please keep trying to help your child read each night, it is starting to make a real difference!

Also, just to make you all aware, Miss Hollis is leaving year 2 from today and will be going into another year group. No doubt you will all agree with me in thanking her for her work with the children this half-term and wish her all the best. Mrs. Simpkins will now be full time to help support in the afternoons.

Hope you all have a lovely half-term break.

From the Year 2 team