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Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a good week. We have had another great week in year 2, with lots of great learning.

Maths this week has been once again based on money and the children have been trying to apply their knowledge of coins and money to different questions and calculations. They are slowly progressing with this and are now able to complete some trickier questions.

English this week has been completing their instructions writing. The children have written their own set of instructions of how to make an apple bird feeder. They all worked really hard on this, and have completed an excellent set of instructions. The rest of the week was some extra grammar and punctuation work which is always needed.

Topic this week has moved onto art with the children looking at one particular artist this week called Romero Britto which has gone onto inspire some of our work. The children have looked at repeating patterns and using bold colours. They are really enjoying this art block so far, and it is lovely to see them really getting engrossed in their art lessons.

Today has been a rather busy day with it being Children In Need. We have completed lots of lovely activities today which no doubt the children will enjoy telling you about. Thank you for all your kind donations.

Please keep trying to help your child read each night, it really is starting to make a real difference!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

From the Year 2 team