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C of E Primary School

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The continent of AFRICA 

How many countries make up Africa?

Over the coming weeks we will be focussing on our geographical skills, looking at the continent of Africa.

As well as locating Africa on a globe, world map or in an atlas, we will be looking at the difference between continents and countries. We will learn the names and locations of some of Africa's countries, rivers and mountains, as well as the bodies of water surrounding it. We will be looking at positional vocabulary including the four points of a compass. Finally, we will compare an African location with one closer to home, looking at human and physical features.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

We have been looking closely at the traditional story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and having fun writing our own version of the story with different characters. Have a go at reciting the story at home and see how many of our plan 'hooks' you can remember.

Introducing Division
                                  Introducing Division

In Maths, we are beginning to look at the concept of division as sharing and grouping.

Sharing  I have 12 pencils and want to share them equally between 3 pots. How many will each pot have?

I have ______ altogether.  I share them between _________ equal groups. There are ______ in each group.

Grouping  I have 12 pencils and want to put 3 in each pot. How many pots can I fill?

I have ______ altogether.  I put them into groups of _______. I have ________ equal groups.

Initially we will be using lots of equipment to work practically and understand the stem sentences. You could practise at home, keeping the total under 30  (and be aware that we are not introducing the concept of remainders yet so all divisions must make equal groups)

Last week we had 33% Superstar Readers. That's 10 out of 30 children who recorded reading at least 5 times. 

Let's see if we can get that even higher this week.  

At school, the children who are not as confident with their phonics do receive additional reading (decoding) support. However, it is not possible to listen to all children read individually which is why It is vitally important to your child's education that they read at home on a regular basis. As a class, our focus is on the comprehension of what we read and we do this with daily whole-class guided reading sessions. If anyone is willing to commit some time to come and listen to individual readers at school, then we would love to hear from you. 

Children, the secret word for next week is 'continent'. Come and whisper it to me for your team point reward.