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C of E Primary School

We Ho Ho Hope Santa hears our prayers...

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We Ho Ho Hope Santa hears our prayers this Christmas.........

With having assessment week last week we had to put our letter writing on hold until this week.  However, I was very impressed with the standard of the letters to Father Christmas.  You can see some of the children from the class holding up a copy of their finished letter, of course the original letters are currently on their way to Reindeerland (thanks Mrs James!).  

The children thought about the important things to include in a letter such as introducing themselves and saying why they were writing, asking Father Christmas a question, writing a list of what they are hoping to receive for Christmas and giving reasons why.  Our class frog, Flexi, was delighted to take Harriet onto his lilly-pad for beautiful handwriting.  She joins Sophia, Sam, Olivia and Gracie who are now only one hop away from getting onto pen!  I wonder who will be next? Two letters stood out for me in term's of content.  Firstly Grace's letter.  She asked for a book so she could get better at reading; I'm very impressed Grace, as I'm sure Father Christmas will be. Also, Olivia wrote she would like to see it snow because it has never snowed at Christmas in her lifetime. Lovely! This has given me the idea for our 'secret word'.

There was an increase of children reading the class blog from 10 to 14 children last week.  That is nearly half of the class.  Come on we can do it.  This week's secret word is actually a phrase: 'Let it snow'. Write the phrase on a piece of paper with your name and put it on my desk to earn team points for your house.  

This week we have also been learning what is a 'prefix'. We have specifically been looking at 'un'. It means 'not'.  You will have seen lots of examples in the spelling list this week. If you see examples when you read to/with your child take the opportunity to discuss it with them..  This way the learning remains fresh and relevant to your child and they have more chance of success in the longer term. 

In maths we have picked out some questions from last week's assessment paper and we have extended our thinking to check we have used reliable methods to solve problems and calculations. We have been fosussing on multiplying and dividing.  It is really noticeable to see in class which children have taken the time to learn their times tables.  They have been enjoying a huge advantage in lesson time, especially counting in twos, fives and tens.  We are now beginning to master our threes so keep pushing them.  

Thank you for all the Nativity costumes, we're doing our dress rehearsal to the school on Monday morning before doing the 'real thing' to you on Tuesday morning (10a.m) and evening (6.30p.m start). The children have done a marvellous job at learning their lines.  Thank you for supporting them.  Let's have one more push at learning the songs, especially songs 6,7,8 and 9.  

Homework challenges are due in next Wednesday (14th).

It is party day on Friday so the children can wear a Christmas jumper.  If you'd like to contribute some nibbles for the party I will put a list up on Monday so you can indicate what you're bringing to avoid ending up with 300 sausage rolls! 

Have a great weekend

Miss Studley and Mrs Ashington.