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Welcome to the summer term

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Extreme Earth and Fabulous Fractions!

In English this half term the purpose of our writing is to inform. At the moment we are working towards writing newspaper reports linked to our Extreme Earth topic. Our Cold Task was about a huge flood in Bradwell. We have looked at the features of a newspaper report and we have a sequenced a newspaper report.

In maths we have been learning about fractions. Which we are finding rather fabulous. We have learnt about putting fractions on a number line and counting in tenths. On Hit the Button this week we have worked really hard on our four times table. Our target is to achieve 25 out of 25.

In PE this week we learnt about invasion games. We practised passing, throwing, catching and keeping possession. We also learnt about attacking and defending. 

In our Extreme Earth topic lessons this week we have learnt about the layers of the Earth, the parts of a volcano, how a volcano is formed, what happens when it erupts, Mount Vesuvias in Pompeii and we have used an atlas to help us locate volcanoes around the world. Next week we will be learning about earthquakes, tsunamis and tornados. Linked to our topic the secret word this week is earthquake. Can you find out any interesting facts about earthquakes?

In German today we recapped and learnt about colours and in PSHE we started our ESafety unit on Gooseberry Planet.

Homework this week is on and please continue to use Hit the Button and Times Tables Rockstars. 

Written by Y3

Have a lovely weekend!