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C of E Primary School

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Year 3

In English we have been writing explanation texts. Today we finished our Hot Task where we explained how a marshmallow machine works. You will be surprised to know that many machines secretly work because of animals.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. We are learning how to exchange or regroup. We are working really hard to do this so any extra practice at home using the place value counters handed out at parents evening will be really helpful.

Our topic over the past few weeks has been an RE focus. Our big question was 'What is it like to follow God'. We have learnt about the story of Noah, what happens at a Christian wedding and we have been thinking about promises. Today in our RE lesson we did a piece of art work to answer our big question. 

Next week in English we will be news reporters we will be building up over the next few weeks to write a newspaper article about a volcanic eruption. In Maths we will continue with addition and subtraction, becoming more secure when adding larger numbers. Our topic will be a Geography topic where will be learning about volcanoes and earthquakes. For our Geography lessons with Mrs Corby we will be learning about land use. 

Linked to our new topic Year 3 have been set a mini secret mission to complete over the weekend if they wish. Year 3's challenge is to find:

-How many active volcanoes are there in the world?

-What is the largest volcano in the world?

-Where do most volcanoes in the Earth occur?

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for all of your donations today!