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C of E Primary School

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Breaking News!

Year 3 are starting to learn the skills to be super news reporters. Today we started to think about what tense a newspaper report is written in. We have also looked at some model texts to help us understand the structure of a newspaper. Next week we will be looking at using speech in our newspaper reports and thinking about how reporters collect the information that they need.

In Maths we are now working on multiplication and division. We have revisited some of our knowledge from Year 2 and today we focued on equal groups. Next week we will be looking at multiplying and dividing by 3 and 4. 

In our Extreme Earth topic this week we have revisitied our knowledge of continents and learnt about how volcanoes are formed. Next week we will be looking at where lots of volcanic eruptions happen and what different types of volcanoes there are. We will also be learning about earthquakes.

Next week!

As of next week PE days will be changing. PE will now be indoors on a Tuesday and outdoors on a Thursday. Please ensure indoor and outdoor kits are in school every day.

Wednesday is a very busy day for Year 3. We have our Class Collective Worship and our Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner. 

Friday is decoration morning. Sign up sheets will be displayed early next week. 

Your secret mission this weekend is linked to our reading sessions. This week we have been using the John Lewis advert Exciteable Edgar to inspire discussion and to develop our explaining and inference skills. Your challenge is to write a character description for Edgar or Ava. Thank you to those of you who completed last weeks challenge. 

Have a wonderful weekend :)