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Whitwell, Weather and Water

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Whitwell Hall provides a fantastic experience for the whole Year 6 team again.

The Whitwell experience is a memorable one and something which can be looked back upon with joy. The children have all endured soggy weather as well as blistering heat. 

Monday: After arrival, we made our way around the site in groups to locate different points in order to collect stamps for our orienteering. Well done to all braving the heat and the plethora of obstacles. In the late afternoon, we cooled off with a free for all water fight before drying off by preparing shelters. Safe to say some did not provide much shelter. 

Tuesday: In the morning, we enjoyed catching all manner of creatures dipping in the river. Thank goodness for wellies. Luke Bradshaw caught the largest crayfish -well done. After lunch, the rain came, but that did not stop all creating a crane to lift items out of a danger zone to collect points for their team. Teamwork and pioneering skills were on full display here. 

Wednesday: More rain...the other school camping here abandoned their tents and left early, however, we pulled on the waterproofs and flavoured climbing into kayaks and firing arrows at targets. Charles Wilson-Robinson showed his nimble feet as he danced across the tops of our boats, before getting all the way back to his boat and falling in. Splash! Whoops-a-daisy! All activities really brought a smile to everyone's faces....particularly Miss. Battle. In the evening, we challenged the pupils to create the most appealing outfit from a bin bag and some rubber bands. Each item was modelled on the catwalk to a light and music show before being judged. Congratulations must go to Fashion House Goo Goo for their creation. There really were some inventive ideas. 

Thursday: Where has the rain gone? Boat building and pottery took up the morning, before we toured around looking for plants and beasts on the nature walk. Then we tackled fire lighting. The evening brought the people's favourite...a BBQ and a bat walk. Those bats really can travel at some speed. One more sleep left. 

Friday: We raced the boats we made yesterday on the river today. There were some fine examples of boats, but also some 'Titanic' disasters. Tidying and packing up was fun ready for the journey home, but nevertheless we will all be reunited with parents and of course a load of washing. 

Well done the Year 6 pupils and staff...and thanks again Whitwell Hall.... 

For more pictures, please see the Photo Gallery.