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C of E Primary School

In this section...
Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher (Interim)

Mrs. E. Glendinning

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs. K. Newman

Head of Early Years

Mrs. S. Jones

SEND Leader

Miss. P. Studley

Classroom Teachers

Nursery (The Ark)

Miss. S. Grant


Miss. M. Buck
Mrs. S. Jones

Year 1

Miss. E. Clark

Year 2

Mrs. A. Routledge

Miss. H. Randell

Year 3

Miss. S. Everett

Year 4

Mrs. K. Newman

Year 5

Miss. J. Battle

Year 6

Miss. P. Studley

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. D. Borrett (Nursery)

Mrs. S. Howard (Reception)

Mrs. P. Clarke (Reception)

Mrs. D. Bridge (Year 1)

Miss. S. James (Year 1)

Mrs. P. Simpkins (Year 2)

Miss. M. Hollis (Year 2)

Mr. J. Cole (Year 3)

Miss. S. Thompson (Year 4)

Mrs. J. Parker (Year 5)

Mrs. M. Thompson (Year 6)

Mrs. P. Clarke (Cover)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs. S. Corby (PPA Cover)

Pastoral Support Staff

Mrs. P. Clarke

ICT Technical Administrator (from NetCentral)

Mr. J. Lee

Site Management

Mrs. J. Mitchell (Caretaker)

Mrs. S. Blaxell

Miss. J. Thompson

Administration Staff

Mrs. N. James

Mrs. A. Jacobs

Mrs. J. Sandall

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs. D. Gilyeat

Mrs. E. Elliot (On Maternity Leave)

Mrs. J. Green

Mrs. D. Spink

Miss. G. Wells

Mrs. J. Parker

Miss. L. Maddeys

Mrs. D. Bridge

Mrs. M. Roling

Mrs. V. Cockrill (Nursery)

Mrs. N. Phillpot (Nursery)

Miss. S. James (Nursery)

Mrs. S. Laurie (Cook)